Scary Words in Programming

Pam Selle’s Scary Words Badge 🙂

In true Halloween fun, Pam Selle has written a “Scary Words in Programming Contest” for tech savvy bloggers. This is my entry.  Can you guess what scary word the narrator is? As a Front End Developer this is extra scary. Happy Halloween!

I Am Awake

I am awake. My eyes slowly adjust to the darkness and then I begin to understand the reality of it all. It is an eerily familiar and disturbing realization.

I have been here before.

Am I dreaming? How have I ended up here? Where is this place? What is this place?

I am lost and confused.

The smell of silicon and solder, the taste of metallic water, the silent hush of darkness…what is this place?

There is a dark pathway made of a dense ever-flowing liquid material. Although blackened in color, light seems to flow within it’s core like millions of shooting stars in the void of outer space. Occasionally a spark of light flashes far down either side of the pathway. Then, as quick as it comes, it is gone as if it were a magician’s trick.

My mind is clear, yet I feel constrained, chained to some overwhelming feeling of duty that I cannot deny. A whisper comes out of the silence. It is raspy yet ominous and although I feel I know the voice…I cannot place it. I only know that I must listen.

“each shall do…”

The voice is cryptic and foreboding. I feel shivers up and down my spine but I am here for some reason. I know it! I know it deep within me but I cannot explain why. What could it mean?

Before I can consider this message, it is replaced with the sounds of echoing footsteps. Someone…or something is out there. I can hear them breathing heavy and moving closer.

…closer…and closer

…faster…and faster

A figure emerge before me. She speaks with a powerful voice that penetrates beyond the pathway and burns into my ears. It is as if a god is speaking through her.

“The process…”

The words ring painfully through my heart as a clear understanding awakens deep down within me. Suddenly it is as if my purpose in this has finally been revealed. This is the only truth I need know.

She is driven by some force that I now understand deep in my subconscious. Reflexively, I extend my hand to her and she presents me with a piece of parchment. The strange words and symbols begin to decode in my mind and burn into my memory. I immediately understand what has been entrusted with me…what has been shared with me. Then, quickly as she appeared, she is gone. She vanishes into thin air with the blink of an eye.

It was of no concern to me, This is what I have been searching and listening for all this time.

I read the words out loud. Suddenly I feel the desire to do what is necessary

…what is commanded of me

…what I was spawned to do.

I need not read it again, for its words are now etched in all of my being. The process has made it clear to me now.

“Get JSON”

I can feel a surge of energy & information filling my mind, empowering me with purpose and drive. Nothing else matters but the words of the voice. The path I must travel is obvious now. When I get there I will need to do more.

This is clear.

This is certain.

This is the way of things.

I know not who I am. I know not where I come from. Now that I have a purpose it is encoded within my soul. It is too late to stop now. I have spoken the words and I must obey. It is time to go. The process is calling me and all that is has now begun. I pray I will be provided the methods and means to safely travel my path.

I shall do what I am meant to do.

I shall be what I am meant to be.

The safety of the entire program is depending on my work. That is all I need know. I am awake.